Forex Demo Cup Contest - Nord Fx

Forex Demo Cup  Contest - Nord Fx

Since March 2010, every month NordFX holds a two-week DemoCup contest. The monthly draw is $3,500. The annual prize pool is $42,000. Anyone may take part in the contest and absolutely free of charge.

Bonus Link: Apply

Available for - New & Exixsting Client.

Start Date & Time - 16.01.2017 00:00

End Date & Time - 27.01.2017 22:00

Bonus - Forex Demo Cup Contest


Apply for Bonus

1. Open a new Demo account.

2. Start trading with a virtual $10,000 in their demo accounts.


Registration for the contest

  1. Each participant has the right to register only one account.

  2. Each account is opened by the following link:

  3. When registering an account, the contestant is obliged to provide true information (participants' names and addresses are confidential and won't be disclosed).

  4. Each participant's trading results are available in "Monitoring of Contest Accounts" or in МetaTrader 4 after logging in with the investor password – NordFX. Direct copying of other participants’ trades is forbidden.

  5. Accounts not included in monitoring are not allowed to participate in the contest.

  6. The initial deposit for participation is $10,000.

  7. Credit leverage is 1:100.

  8. It is not allowed to make any transactions before the beginning or after the completion of the contest stage.

  9. Each participant has to close all open positions and delete all pending orders by the end of the contest.

  10. After a contest phase is over, the contest accounts get disabled but remain available for public viewing.

  11. It is not allowed to work from the same IP address in different accounts participating in the contest.

  12. In each case of IP coincidence for different accounts, these accounts will be disqualified. It is not allowed to work via a proxy server or using programs that change real IP addresses.

  13. It’s allowed to use any trading strategies and expert advisors.

  14. All trading instruments can be used for trading in the contest.


Contest Results


  1. Prize money is credited only to a participant’s real trading account and becomes available for withdrawal or for trading.

  2. Winners are those participants who finish the contest with the largest deposit amounts.

  3. Ten consolation prizes will be randomly allotted among the participants from the 11th to the 100th places inclusive.

  4. If deposit amounts of two or more contest participants are identical, prize money is divided between them in equal shares.

  5. In order to receive the prize, the participant must open a new real account, verify it and send a claim containing the contest account login, its password and the real account number.

  6. A prize winner may not take part in the next two contest stages.


Contest prizes


1st place - $1,000

2nd place - $700

3rd place - $500

4th place - $200

5th place - $100

6th place - $100

7th place - $100

8th place - $100

9th place - $100

10th place - $100

10 consolation prizes, $50 each


Terms & Conditions


  1. Disqualify a participant without prior notice in case of his violation of the contest rules.

  2. Annul a participant's results as well as the prize amount in case he violates the contest rules.

  3. Have all disputed results settled by NordFX administration.

  4. Use the information associated with prize accounts for promotional purposes and publish it in any sources of information.

  5. All company's decisions are final and not subject to revision.

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March 6, 2017
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