Demo Contest - CloseOption

Demo Contest -  CloseOption


Competition environment on CloseOption is similar to the real trading environment and for users will have many advantages, such as Real trading experience and familiarity with no extra charge.

The chance to win cash prizes fully equal to all participants.

Bonus Link: Apply

Available for - All New & Existing Clients

End Date – 31 Dec, 2017

Bonus – CloseOption Contest


Apply for Bonus

1. Register an account for the contest.

2. Verify your account by submitting required documents.

3. Start trading.


Terms and conditions of the Contest

1. Contest are usually held once a week and there is a possibility of holding one to four competitions in every month.

2. Having more than one account in the name of any person in CloseOption is not allowed and violators will be out of the competition.

3. Each contest will have 17 winners and the prize is the ability to withdraw unconditionally.

4. The first person gets $150, the second person $100, the third person $50, the 4th to 7th $25, the 8th to 11th $10 and the others get $5.

5. An amount of money as an advance money we will be added to the client's account before the start of the competition and this money is just called as competition money. And this competition money and possible profits after competition will be removed from client's account.

6. The Clients is not allowed to sell or transfer a trading account to others and the offender is eliminated from the contest.

7. Minimum Profit amount for Winning in Contest is Just 1 USD.

It means If You have $10001 in your account and Contest start balance is $10000, and No One has Balance More than this amount, You Will Be One Of The Winners!


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March 6, 2017
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